Nominating your favourite business or community hero is easy – just one entry form to complete

Please make sure that you are authorised to nominate, or that the person/business you are nominating is happy to be included.


  1. Choose the appropriate category from Business and Community below – select the category that best fits your nominee’s accomplishments, skills, or contributions.
  2. Gather necessary information: Collect all the relevant information about your nominee and any evidence to support your entry, including their contact details, achievements, and any supporting documents or references.
  3. Prepare your submission: Write a nomination letter that clearly explains why your nominee deserves the award. Be specific about their accomplishments, skills, and impact.
  4. Check your submission. Make sure you are happy with it and that you have given all the details required. If information is missing it will affect the quality of your entry
  5. Submit your entry. Follow the link to the submission page and enter the information on the form to submit your nominee to the Beacon Awards.

You will receive confirmation that your entry has been successfully received and our event team will keep in touch with you during the process. You might want to book a table or a seat for the event night and tickets will be available soon.

Deadline to apply has passed.